Jan 17, 2017

Open Bar Card - Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I'll be honest, this hilarious will you be my bridesmaid card at $3.80 each, printed on kraft cardstock with matching envelope, is not this shop's biggest seller. Either are my other favorites "free wine" and "free alcohol." (Sounds like I may have a serious drinking problem, or I just don't like to pay for stuff - you decide.) The most requested card by far is "I Need Your Help To Hold My Dress While I Pee." Wow, no way I can turn down that offer. Why be serious when you need your best friends on this day more than any other. Let them know it might be a lot of work, but will seem like a joy instead of a job with a funny will you be my bridesmaid invitation.


Jan 16, 2017

Breathtaking Spring Wedding Bouquets

Looking at these breathtakingly beautiful spring wedding bouquets, makes me wonder why I chose to be a December bride. In a big hurry to marry my lover and very best friend, spring seemed as far from reach as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The top photo displayed here - a pink, peach and red rose bouquet with gum ball pink hypericum berries and silver dollar eucalyptus leaves steals my heart away. It's more captivating than all the rest - can you guess why? The random mixture of color and height makes it appear like a sweet spring bouquet of freshly picked garden roses, not made by a highly paid florist, but lovingly created by you or I.

Fresh and lovely spring tulip bouquet
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Jan 8, 2017

Rustic Wedding Cupcake Display

A closer look at this rustic wedding cupcake display and you can see these could have easily been baked and decorated by you and I with very little knowledge of sugar paste daisies or fondant flowers or anything else mind-blowing that might win a prize on an episode of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars." So what makes this so impressive? Rustic cupcake stands made from birch wood slices that have been sanded and sealed are created at various heights to create interest. Each stand has a small, hand written chalkboard sign with your favorite cupcake flavors. Make one of mine Banana Cream Cupcakes, a simple but sweet recipe using heavy whipping cream, white cake mix, vanilla and banana cream pudding. Arrange these two and three tier stands together and add additional cupcakes near the base of each stand. It looks expensive. It looks hard to resist. An easy and elegant cupcake wedding display.

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Jan 7, 2017

Peach Floral Wedding Decorations

Other than their obvious beauty, peach floral wedding decorations are a tie to the ancient past. Believed to be a symbolism of longevity by the Chinese and Japanese, this cherished fruit was offered up to the gods, especially at weddings in the hope of a long and happy marriage. A "happy" marriage up until about 250 years ago, meant a pre-arranged contract between two families, which by dumb luck happened to work out for many who became man and wife as strangers and eventually fell in love. Can you imagine? For me, that would have meant no beautiful Italian boy, just a familiar kid down the street whose dad owned property and prize-winning pigs. Consider these breathtaking peach wedding decorations - simple and elegant, perfect for your spring or summer celebration.



Jan 1, 2017

Breathtaking Succulent Centerpieces

Breathtakingly beautiful succulent centerpieces like these would be a breeze for a close friend whose sweet little succulents thrive in spite of hurricanes, snow and heavy spring rain. Every summer she hands over three or four lovely potted plants, thinking because we live in the same city, under the same hot sun or cloudy winter day, I can be trusted to not screw up. And in six months or so I am forced to give her the same dismal report. I can do many things well. My homemade spaghetti and meatballs might be more delicious than any I've tasted in a fine Italian restaurant. But making these radiant green rosettes thrive and multiply year after year is temporarily (but I'm not giving up!) out of my reach.

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Dec 31, 2016

Rustic Country Wedding Welcome Sign

This rustic welcome sign, hand painted on weathered old wood with a simple contrasting wood frame is so refreshingly simple and much more friendly than "Choose a seat, not a side, we're all family, once the knot is tied." A casual, country style greeting like the one shown below makes me feel cozy, well-loved and comfortable. If there's no welcome sign, I'm still going to claim my share of Blackened Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Sauce and knock back a lemon martini or two. But during a time in this country when so many feel mad and mistreated, it's good to know friends of the bride and friends of the groom are just one big happy family, even for just one sunny afternoon.

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Dec 22, 2016

Breathtaking Eucalyptus Wedding Cake

This amazingly beautiful eucalyptus wedding cake is a show stopper in so many ways. Covered in homemade buttercream icing, it will be a real crowd pleaser instead of the smooth but less delicious fondant. Long, narrow eucalyptus leaves with their fragrant camphor-like scent, wrap around each cake layer and beautiful succulents sit on top. The real beauty of a rustic cake like this? You could easily bake these cake layers and freeze in advance. A set of three non-stick wedding cake pans sells for about twenty five dollars on Amazon. Seeded eucalyptus garland is available by the foot online and succulents can be grown at home or found at your local garden store. Imagine paying a fraction of the price for a wedding cake as breathtaking as this.

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