Jun 19, 2017

Breathtaking Swiss Dot Wedding Cakes

Let me share with you one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I have ever seen. Including all of my own cakes, made and decorated in our little bakery in Virginia Beach, that I kid you not, was located near Virginia Wesleyan College on busy Baker Road. I never made something as exquisite as the swiss dot wedding cake with handmade buttercream roses and charming "Just Married" banner shown below, but the understated elegance steals my heart away. With or without the ivory roses, the pale peach color and perfectly placed dots make this unforgettable cake too breathtakingly beautiful to eat.

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Jun 14, 2017

Succulent Aisle Decorations

I could make these sweet succulent aisle decorations now that I've finally mastered the science of planting my succulents in the hottest, most sunny spot in the backyard and refusing to give them a sip of water no matter how thirsty they look. I already have purple hydrangea growing along the back fence, that returns year after year in spite of my crappy track record as a gardener. I love the pale green shown here, but purple or blue would be just as stunning. Yellow "billy balls" (craspedia) are always for sale near the market check-out, although I understand they are easy to grow in at least six hours of sun, with little or no fertilizer and in all types of soil. The pink blooms look like alstroemeria (but I could be wrong), a cheap and readily available flower everywhere I shop. This unusual combination of blue, green, bright yellow and pink make this ordinary white chair look breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for a succulent themed wedding.

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Jun 11, 2017

Peacock Themed Mason Jar Centerpieces

These peacock themed mason jar centerpieces that I found on Pinterest today are so breathtaking, I hardly know what to say. It's also the combination of artificial flowers - variegated burgundy roses, pale green hydrangea, white gerbera daisies and small green hypericum berries that make these DIY wedding centerpieces look expensive and elegant. These quart sized (regular mouth) Kerr Mason jars are available in sets of 12 for less than ten dollars on Amazon. The flowers - unless you use freshly picked blooms and greenery from your own precious garden - are your only real expense.

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May 26, 2017

Rustic Memorial Wedding Display

I fell in love today. With this rustic memorial wedding display. It seems simple enough to make - with weathered wood, a small black chalkboard, some twine and mini clothespins. We live in a time where our extended families aren't scattered close together like chocolate chips in a freshly baked Toll House cookie. But it wasn't always this way. My husband's grandparents had a large, three story house on Orleans Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. Even after the youngest girl was proudly sent off to nursing school, the children (now married) returned to live with their parents and an odd assortment of very old aunts they barely knew. That intimacy - of loving and being loved - on a daily basis by aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents may be lost to some of us today. Many are gone before we have a chance to say goodbye. Keep your sweet memories alive with a thoughtful "Until we meet again" memorial photo display.

Summer Bridal Shower Idea - DIY Tart Station

What a refreshing summer bridal shower idea - both affordable and fun. I found it today at a blog called Sandy Toes and Popsicles and you can follow the link below to find all the details. The mini graham cracker crusts are available in packs of six for less than $2.00 at Walmart and the possibilities for fresh fruit are endless. I wouldn't use bananas as shown below unless you want to dip them in lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. The same holds true for apples. Peaches, mangoes, cantaloupe, seedless red grapes and even watermelon would be perfect to make a delicious fruit tart. And don't forget the cherries!


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May 19, 2017

13 Exquisite Vintage Wedding Ideas

Even if you weren't dreaming of a vintage themed wedding, some of these breathtakingly beautiful ideas may make you think twice. Some - to be fair - are outside of your budget and mine (sheer panels and Swarovski crystal chandeliers you might expect to find in the grand ballroom at Buckingham Palace), but others (thrift store books, picture frames and tins) are easy and affordable to make and find. To make a simple Mason jar centerpiece even more exquisite, Krylon now makes glass spray paint in a range of beautiful frosted colors - aqua, ruby, cornflower, sea foam and rose.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Champagne and passion fruit nectar - deal me in.
Last year I picked up a set of vintage hurricane lamps just like these
at a church rummage sale for about a dollar each!

I'm obsessed about paying homage to those
who loved, nurtured and prepared us
for the most important day of our lives.
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May 9, 2017

Breathtaking White Ranunculus Bouquet

This breathtaking white ranunculus bouquet - a moment in time captured so beautifully by Iris Photography - is a lovely and somewhat haphazard arrangement of white roses, ranunculus, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus leaves. While many wedding flowers have multiple meanings, the ranunculus symbolizes charm, attractiveness and an everlasting embrace of love and devotion. Who doesn't want all that? While I love the simple elegance of this green and white ranunculus bouquet, these beautiful rose-like blossoms are also available in light pink, hot pink, yellow, orange, fire red, burgundy wine, apricot, violet and raspberry plum.

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