May 18, 2008

Sunflower Wedding Stamps

Sunflower wedding stamps - our choice to use on wedding invitations for our talented artist and youngest daughter, Danielle. Her quirky and colorful view of the world required a flower with sunny brightness that matched her eager-to-please personality. Plus, she chose April for her wedding date and here in Southeast Virginia that means rain, rain, and still more rain (makes for amazingly beautiful azaleas though). Sunflowers thrive in very hot weather and commonly bloom during summer and early fall. Not to worry - we loved the convenience and affordability of silk sunflowers anyway. When the tender breast of chicken glazed with lovely fresh peach preserves, ginger and honey was served, the garlic mashed potatoes eaten and the champagne toast finally made, no one seemed to care it wasn't the perfect time of year for a sunflower themed wedding.

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