Aug 16, 2008

Red Wedding Gowns – Should You Wear One?

Yes, yes, YES! Red wedding gowns have been popular in Europe and Asia for more than ten years and now are the hottest new trend right here in America. At first we saw a hint of red, in a bold sash attached to a traditional white dress. Now you can select a complete ruby red gown, a red bodice with a white A-line or organza skirt, or a strapless white bodice with a full red skirt. Other dramatic options include red corset lacings and rich deep red appliqued embroidery.

red satin wedding gown

Aug 10, 2008

Wedding Reception Venue Ideas

Wedding reception venues - what is available and what is affordable? Public beaches, national parks or lighthouses, require special planning and permits. Get started early! Having your ceremony at Yosemite or Yellowstone will require an online application and $150 permit. Major holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day or the Fourth of July may be off limits. There may also be restrictions on parking, decorations, music, and the number of guests allowed. Here are my favorite wedding reception venue ideas:

· Landmark Hotels
· Fairgrounds or Renaissance Faires
· Military Clubs
· Wineries
· Private Yachts
· Botanical Gardens
· Historic Castles
· Bed and Breakfast Inns
· Private Mansion or Estate
· Country Clubs or Golf Courses
· Zoos
· National Parks
· Public Beaches
· Large Restaurants
· Art Gallery or Museum

The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond Virginia

Love the idea of making the magic happen in a historic landmark hotel? In Richmond, Virginia, The Jefferson - built in 1895 - is every bit as exquisite as it looks. When I stopped by, two weddings were taking place simultaneously, and I had to take pictures quickly as one bride was getting ready to descend the grand staircase. Local legend has it that this magnificient staircase was the one used in “Gone With The Wind” (Rhett carrying Scarlett up to bed). The book’s author, Margaret Mitchell, once stayed at the Jefferson and may have recreated it when writing her famous book.