Oct 7, 2008

Wedding Cupcake Cakes

Wedding cupcake cakes - so sweet, so simple, so appealing to both young and young at heart. Depending on whether you buy or bake them yourself, it might be the best money saving wedding idea of all time. Here is why it makes good sense to choose cupcakes over traditional wedding cakes:
  • Pay about three dollars per cupcake compared to $5 to $15 for traditional wedding cake.
  • Save on cake cutting fees charged by caterers and banquet facilities.
  • Less cleanup for casual or outdoor weddings.
  • Make them weeks in advance and put them in the freezer in air tight containers.
  • Pick them up at your local bakery and save on delivery and set up fees.
  • Find inexpensive cupcake liners at almost any grocery store.
  • Cupcake towers are attractive and easy to decorate.
  • Guests that want to take their dessert home will find it easy and convenient.
  • Save leftovers, put them in your freezer, and use them for other special occasions.

red and white wedding cupcakes
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