Nov 23, 2008

Wedding Cake Cookies

These beautifully hand decorated wedding cake cookies are individually wrapped in crisp cellophane bags and are available in 16 elegant designs.  How much do they cost and are they worth it? The minimum order for these personalized butter cookies is 24.  Two sizes are available - petite (3" x 2.75") and large (5" x 4.25"). The smaller cookies are $4.23 each and the larger ones are two dollars more.  Surely cookies can be home made, cut and frozen in advance.  Royal icing and decorating can be mastered with practice.  Cellophane bags and satin ribbon are cheap and for sale everywhere.  But the personalization would be hard to recreate.  The sophisticated printing technology at Beau Coup allows them to customize each cookie with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding in a classic block or script font.  Polished and professional, these wedding cookies have a shelf life of 3 months.

Nov 13, 2008

Cheap Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Short bridesmaid dresses - not in my day, but a new day is dawning. My youngest daughter Danielle is getting married in April on a Saturday morning at noon. Always the thoughtful one, she wanted affordable bridesmaid dresses for her friends - something chic that wouldn't require robbing a bank just to be a part of her bridal party.  A variety of beautiful bridesmaid gowns less than $50 are available at Amazon which always include a free shipping option.  With their easy-to-return policy - a friendly guy or gal shows up at your doorstep with a pre-made shipping label - what have you got to lose? 




Nov 4, 2008

Black Wedding Gowns

Black wedding gowns - seductive or just plain scary?  Will grandma go into cardiac arrest because your dress isn't white or ivory or any other shade that suggests you've been more naughty than nice?  All of your female relatives old enough to remember where they were when JFK was shot need to know that haute-couture is French for “high dressmaking” and refers to custom-fitted clothing with expensive fabric and extreme attention to details.  Oh, I almost forgot.  The French love the boldness of the color black and aren't afraid to use it.  So if you think black wedding dresses, introduced to us at Paris fashion shows, are just a fad? Vous devez plaisanter! (You must be kidding).  And yes, grandma, I'm still a good girl except...for one or two things I might have tried in college.

English and French Wedding Terms
  • Wedding marriage
  • Bride and groom mariee et marie
  • Mother of the bride mere de la mariee
  • Wedding cake gateau de marriage
  • Photographer photographe
  • Guests invites
  • Bouquet bouquet
  • Wedding veil voile de mariee
  • Vows voeux
  • Flowergirl fille de fleur
  • Centerpieces pieces maitresses
  • Maid of honor bonne d’honneur
  • Bachelor party partie de celibataire
  • Wedding favors faveurs de mariage

Nov 3, 2008

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Beach themed wedding cakes - especially popular here in Virginia Beach, with our white sandy beaches and  three-mile boardwalk where people come for roller-blading, jogging or just strolling and smelling the sweet salty air.  But even brides as far away as St. Louis or Schenectady love to create the cozy atmosphere of a beach themed wedding.  Does the tasty main attraction have to be ocean blue?  I think you'll agree that beige, white, blue and a combination of all three make beautiful beach themed cakes and cupcakes.

white beach themed wedding cake
blue ocean themed wedding cake
Beach Themed Wedding Cupcakes
starfish themed wedding cake
blue and white beach themed cake
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