Apr 24, 2009

99 Cent Wedding Favors

What kind of favor that costs less than 99 cents will be sweet and sentimental enough for your cherished family and friends?  The kind that are lovingly homemade.  Cookies - dough is good for up to three months in the freezer - and cupcakes (four to 6 months). And if you'd rather change a tire than make a homemade wedding treat, you can always assemble your favorite candies inside a drawstring bag, a mini Mason jar or box. Labels are lovely and in some cases, free online for the printing. I found this cookie wedding favor idea on Evermine (nothing to gain by promoting them, but love their blog including free wedding printables and lots of great DIY ideas).

The labels on these DIY cookie favors (any rolled cookie recipe
recipe will do nicely) are priced as follows:  large cellophane bag (16 cents each),
circle label (40 cents) and 11 cents for the small oval shaped label at back. 

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