May 15, 2009

25 Best Slow Dance Songs

And we just flow together when the lights are low
Shadows dancin' all across the wall
Music's playin' so soft and slow

Rest of the world so far away and small

When we're

Slow dancin', swayin' to the music
Slow dancin', just me and my girl
Slow dancin', swayin' to the music

No one else in the whole wide world – Johnny Rivers

wedding slow dance

Looking for the slow dance wedding music that appeals to every age group? Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of popular slow dance songs that will give your wedding guests a reason to season the dance floor with sweet swayin' and tender embraces.  And if you're mother of the groom find out how to pick the best mother-son dance song to cherish your special moment.

· “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” Aerosmith
· “Unchained Melody,” The Righteous Brothers
· “Crazy For You,” Madonna
· “Take My Breath Away,” Berlin
· “I Only Have Eyes For You,” The Flamingos
· “Never Tear Us Apart,” INXS
· “In Your Eyes,” Peter Gabriel
· “Love Song,” The Cure
· “Eternal Flame,” The Bangles
· “I’ll Be There,” The Jackson 5
· “Always and Forever,” Heat Wave
· “Fade Into You,” Mazzy Star
· “I’ll Make Love To You,” Boyz II Men
· “Faithfully,” Journey
· “Wild Horses,” The Rolling Stones
· “True Colors," Cyndi Lauper
· “How Deep Is Your Love,” The Bee Gees
· “I’ll Be There For You,” Bon Jovi
· “Drive,” The Cars
· “Babe,” Styx
· “Careless Whisper,” Wham!
· “Save a Prayer,” Duran Duran
· “Lady In Red,” Chris de Burgh
· “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” Olivia Newton-John
· “In the Mouth a Desert,” Pavement

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