May 21, 2009

Silk Halter Wedding Gowns

Silk halter wedding gowns - something that Jean Harlow, the "blonde bombshell" of 1930s Hollywood would undoubtedly love. After becoming one of the brightest and most highly paid stars of MGM, she was gone too soon at age twenty six. But the revealing silk gowns that were her personal trademark - continue to inspire designers like Jane Yeh of Auckland, New Zealand today. Jane Yeh's simple and sophisticated wedding gowns are reminiscent of the gowns made for Harlow's fabulous tiny frame. Just a little over five feet tall and 109 pounds, she looked like a sexy, statuesque goddess in her breathtakingly beautiful silk halter gowns.

Jean Harlow in sexy gown

Jane Yeh Couture
Jane Yeh wedding dress
open back wedding dress
halter wedding dress
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