Sep 1, 2009

Pinecone Wedding Centerpieces

Pinecone wedding centerpieces.   Much more rustic and romantic in their natural state - or painted and dipped in green, red and/or gold glitter? I'll take them both ways, and it's lucky I will since so many since fall have found a happy home everywhere - buried inside my beautiful azalea bushes, inside rain old barrels and on the dented hood of my Mazda Protégé. If you already have fragrant, sage growing in your new spring garden (boosting your brain power with this nutritious and sweet smelling Mediterranean herb), think how fresh and lovely this sage and pinecone centerpiece will look at your rustic inspired wedding reception.

sage and pinecone centerpiece

Christmas pinecone centerpiece 
Mason jar centerpiece with pinecones
Christmas ornament centerpiece
fall wedding centerpiece
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