Oct 31, 2009

Guests That Don’t RSVP

All I can say from one woman to another...please don't get discouraged.  It's impossible to know why everyone who has known you and really loved you, won't put a stamped, self addressed RSVP card in the mail as soon as they learn all of their wisdom teeth have to come out (or some other reason) on the most important day of your life. Some may not want to disappoint you, but the real disappointment comes in not knowing. Not knowing how many servings of Virginia Baked Ham you'll need. Not knowing how much booze to buy. It's going to happen, and you're left wondering why the girl who was your soul mate through soccer, sleepovers and several broken hearts, doesn't appear to be moving heaven and earth to be by your side. No doubt you'll end up tracking people down by phone or text. Stay fresh and focused, it happens to every bride.