Nov 15, 2009

Mother and Daughter Poem

The perfect Mother and Daughter poem. When my one and only Jessica was soon to be married, her sweet younger sister had a wonderful idea. She sought out favorite female friends and relatives to assemble a keepsake of favorite poems, blessings, recipes, advice - everything wise women say to one another at the prospect of marriage and motherhood. Danielle carefully gathered together these thoughtful messages and greetings, including this mother and daughter poem from me, in a beautifully decorated binder and presented it to the grateful bride, her very best friend.


Sometimes I look at her, and she will
remind me of someone familiar.
Sometimes I’m upset with her,
because she is not enough like me,
then other times I fear she is.
Sometimes I watch her hands,
do things women do and I think
everything is moving too fast.
Sometimes I have a fierce urge
to hold her in my arms,
and try to hold back the future.
Sometimes when I look at her, she takes
my breath away because she is so pretty.
Sometimes I want to cry for this
girl-woman child of mine,
for what might be ahead of her.
Sometimes I’m afraid,
because as she grows I seem
to get smaller, as if her beginning
means my end.
Sometimes I ache for the child she
once was, and other times,
I can’t wait for the woman
she will be…
My Daughter

This lovely poem was penned by Christina Keenan