Jul 28, 2009

Vintage Handkerchief Ring Bearer Pillows

Vintage handkerchief ring bearer pillows - an easy and elegant idea. Here is Martha Stewart's guide to creating your own instant family wedding heirloom. Vintage handkerchiefs with fabulous floral designs, were designed in the 1940s to help women cope with the loneliness when husbands and lovers went off to fight in World War II. Really? I have trouble believing that story too. Must have been written by a man, because women were too busy holding down full-time construction jobs. But the hankies were and are lovely, and in some cases, have become highly prized collectibles. The small square of hand-embroidered cotton that sold for fifty cents in the 1950s is now valued at $15 or more.

  • For a square handkerchief (10 inches), you'll need a square pillow just big enough for the handkerchief's corners to slightly overlap at the center (the one above is six inches).
  • Place the pillow on the wrong side of the linen as shown; fold the corners in, overlapping them. Hand-sew the middle of a satin ribbon to pillow center, sewing through the linen's corners and pillow; use two or three stitches (when ready to remove linen, cut the thread).

Jul 20, 2009

Sunflower Seed Favors

Today I found a simple tutorial on how to make sunflower themed favors. So easy if you have the Silhouette software to get the job done quickly. These vintage style labels look lovely attached to rustic brown burlap bags. If you choose paper to hold your seeds instead, check out this great tutorial on DIY seed packet wedding favors. Sunflowers bloom the brightest in the middle of the hot summer, so the seeds make a great wedding favor for spring. My daughter Danielle wanted a sunflower themed wedding. A few months after the hugs and handshakes were over, our friends showed us the sweet six-foot sunflowers grown from the favors we gave that beautiful April day.

So many wonderful ways to display your seed wedding favors.
rustic seed wedding favors
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Jul 9, 2009

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress and Accessories

Be flashy not trashy!  In their book “Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide,” Carolyn Gerin and Kathleen Hughes list The Ten Commandments Of Bridal Attire. These are amazingly simple tips but worth passing along:

Know thyself and the dress will follow. Know your shape, your height, and your coloring, and have some idea of silhouettes that suit you.

Not every runway trend is a “real way” trend. Choose your clothes with thoughtfulness and discretion, and then not thinking another moment about them.

You should be wearing the garment—it should not be wearing you. Pinching shoes, a tight bodice, a scratchy crinoline, or a constricting corset will make you a cranky bride.

Aim for private comforts. Silk undies, a cotton-lined bodice, shoes you can dance in, a dress that doesn’t feel like a heavy suit of armor.

Cleavage is one thing, but Baywatch is another. Be flashy but not trashy.

Go light on the makeup. Know how much makeup you’re comfortable wearing and don’t run the risk of looking embalmed.

Too many looks (or too much of one look) spoil the look. Instead of going head-to-toe vintage, build your look around one or two points such as shoes, necklace or beaded bodice.

Match your dress to your surroundings. A floor-length $20,000 Vera Wang at your nuptials in your parents’ backyard would be inappropriate.

White’s all right. Even if it’s an encore marriage or you’re over forty, white is fine, but avoid wearing a veil, traditionally reserved for younger brides.

Despite all the dos and don’ts, have some guts. We say, wear a monster tiara if you dare.

Jul 8, 2009

Ocean Theme Wedding Favors

Ocean themed weddings are well-loved in this large resort city by the sea, Virginia Beach. Our three mile stretch of white sandy beaches and warm summer water put everyone in the mood for swimming, surfing, biking and rollerblading. Please come and join us, and if you do, make it before Memorial Day or well after Labor Day. No traffic, no tourists, but still plenty of sunshine and sweet deals on restaurants and hotels.