Jan 5, 2010

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Beauty and Innocence. That's what these beautiful large blooms have come to symbolize. They are available in an assortment of vibrant colors including red, white, bright orange, bronze, purple, raspberry, sunny yellow and shocking pink. And they are very affordable at about five dollars or less per stem. Why not make your own gerbera daisy wedding bouquet?
  • Start with freshly picked daisies, green floral tape, hot glue, and matching fabric or ribbon.
  • To maximize your flowers' freshness, trim the stems and soak gerbera daisies in water or a preservative solution - 2 cups Sprite, 1/2 teaspoon bleach and two cups warm water - overnight.
  • While adding each daisy, turn the bunch slightly clockwise every time, to ensure even placement of the stems.
  • Starting at the base, wrap floral tape tightly down around stems and then back up again. Break the tape gently with your fingers.
  • Wrap the ribbon or fabric around the base and stems of the flowers and secure with hot glue or bejeweled corsage pins.
gerbera daisy wedding bouquet
orange and pink gerbera daisy bouquet
pink gerber daisy bouquet
pink and green gerber daisy bouquet
bouquet of orange gerbera daisies
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