Feb 28, 2010

Indian Ring Ceremony

The rings. The ritual. Two people desperately in love. The Indian Ring Ceremony or Sagai is a romantic pre-wedding event. A cherished Indian wedding custom. The bride meets the groom's family and the groom is introduced to the bride's. The eager couple exchange rings made of platinum or 18K gold. (In fact, a typical Indian bride is showered with expensive gold gifts from the beginning to the end of the wedding ceremony, starting on Thursday and ending late Saturday night.) After exchanging engagement rings, the young couple receives the blessing of the elders before everyone moves on to the lamb kabobs and coconut ladoo (fudge candy).

A traditional Indian wedding means much more than just sugary sweets, saris and beautiful henna tattoos. The marriage unifies two families and two souls - forever. The exchanging of the rings, and the promise of a shared future - is one of the most important celebrations in modern Indian life.