Jun 8, 2010

DIY Wine Stopper Favors

I really don’t spend a lot of time reading other people’s wedding blogs…but maybe I should. A Santa Barbara bride who describes herself as “another voice in the raging maelstrom of wedding blogs” saw wine stoppers fashioned from antique knobs for sale at Etsy. Homemade wine stoppers would be perfect for her bridal shower wine tasting, so why pay $30 when she could make these favors so much cheaper herself? That one small idea borrowed from Etsy lead to research that basically said, “Buy corks. Buy knobs. Drill holes in the corks with an electric drill. Screw the knobs into the corks.”

Tapered corks come in different widths

Knobs purchased at Anthropologie

Knob projections that are too long will need to be shortened

Imperfections in the cork make drilling tricky

Finished wine stoppers!