Jul 7, 2010

Wedding Program Thank You Messages for Parents

Dad, who taught you that jumper cables are your friend and not something to be feared, and Mom who taught you that strangers should be feared and are not your friends, deserve your blessings and praise. And, of course, his parents deserve the same. These messages I borrowed from Wedding Program Thank You Messages and reworded them especially for parents.

Special thanks to our loving parents, whose wisdom and guidance shaped our lives and helped make possible this joyous celebration of everlasting love.

Being a witness to the first day of our married lives together, we humbly thank our parents for blessing us with their unconditional love and support.

May God bless our parents for raising us with patience and guidance, and being present to celebrate the love we will cherish forever.

Today, in the presence of our loving parents, family and friends, we have promised our love and devotion and our gratitude is boundless.

Bless our parents for honoring us at this sacred celebration. Their unconditional love has been a steady presence; the rock upon all present and future happiness is built.

We take great pride in honoring our parents today. Their constant devotion has helped us grow into loving adults and made possible this cherished celebration of everlasting love.