Aug 25, 2010

Consignment Wedding Dresses

Consignment wedding dresses - there's definitely pros and cons. As the former owner of a consignment formalwear store, I was told my pleasing (but not pushy) sales pitch was what my brides loved best. I enjoyed their visit even if they headed out the door empty handed. So if you welcome another woman's friendly advice, it's definitely something you may want to consider. Smaller bridal store = great customer service. Before you walk in with your wallet, introduce yourself over the phone with these time-saving questions:
  • Are the dresses less than three years old making sure that styles are classy and current?
  • Do the original owners provide date and place of purchase, size and name of the designer?
  • Have your consignment dresses been cleaned and pressed?
  • Are some of these brand new gowns - with the original tags - that were part of another store's inventory?
  • Have alterations been made, especially hem length?
  • What kind of selection do you have in my size and what is the general price range?

consignment wedding dress shop
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