Aug 5, 2010

Engraved Beach Pebbles

Engraved beach pebbles - wouldn't these make the perfect little thank you for coming to our wedding gift? Imagine the surprise when instead of receiving the usual candle or coaster, your guests are treated to a smooth beach pebble, a frosty white or natural river rock perfectly engraved with their very own names. Research shows we all light up at the sound of our own names, we're funny that way. These personalized engraved pebbles, a truly one of a kind keepsake, will cost you $680 for a set of eighty with a $40 shipping fee. Not the most affordable wedding favor, but one that will last a lifetime. The sacred art of stone engraving - share it with the ones you love most.

personalized engraved pebbles

engraved pebble favors
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