Aug 22, 2010

Wedding Maps

Small maps tucked inside a wedding invitation may not make sense to out of state guests at first glance, but become indispensable on The Big Day when they start down a straight road that says “Virginia Beach Boulevard” and soon find themselves on something called “Laskin Road.” When making your map, start from the major freeway closest to your ceremony site and map the location from there.

Everyone one of course will want to know your reception site (the location of the promised Grilled Beef Tenderloin on Scotch Barley Risotto), nearby hotels, your rehearsal dinner location, morning-after brunch (ditto for the Apple Crepes with Vanilla Sauce). And by all means, add extra information to the invitations, such as what streets start out with one name and mysteriously morphs into something else, where to park, and (everyone’s favorite) what street means you've gone too far.