Sep 25, 2010

Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

Autumn wedding centerpieces - made with pumpkin shaped candles, pine cones and fall colored flowers. So many prickly pine cones in my front yard and back, I could dress up a dozen tables for less than I paid for my Caesar Chicken Salad at two o'clock today. Using what our beautiful planet has to provide - fruits, nuts, twigs, grape vines, berries, branches, pine cones, pumpkins and dried wheat - just feels more responsible than paper and plastic. Fall colored candles cast their warm glow all over the room. It makes you feel cozy and comfortable, and glad that you came.


fall wedding centerpiece
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Sep 21, 2010

Martha Stewart Weddings

More than all the popular bridal pros, Martha Stewart is my "go to" girl.  Why?  She's taught me how to make everything from braided doormats to bath fizzies, and has an army of talented designers working around the clock on DIY wedding projects galore.  She knows I don’t have much of an attention span.  Break it down for me, Martha, step by step.  With over 30 wedding cake photos to inspire you, you can even learn how to make your own in Wedding Cake 101.  With her "perfection is everything" philosophy, this elegant wedding planning book is full of stunning photographs and suggestions for every bride's budget.

What you'll find in this amazing wedding guide:
  • Ceremony and wedding reception decorations
  • Bouquets, boutonnieres and wedding flowers
  • Wedding cakes and favors
  • Wedding traditions and etiquette
  • Seating tips and music suggestions
  • Recipes for cakes, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres

Sep 2, 2010

Square Wedding Favor Boxes

These elegant square wedding favor boxes are perfect for truffles, jelly beans, Jordan Almonds, and delicious little desserts such as homemade petit fours. Available in 17 trendy shades including aqua blue, black, chocolate brown, ivory floral, lime green, pink polka dot and elegant white quilted. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create your own beautiful color combinations. Silver and wine would be perfect for the holidays. (Each box comes with matching top and bottoms so you will have to purchase two sets in order to mix and match.) Each two inch favor box, imported from Italy is sold in sets of ten at a price of less than $1.00 each. Rather have a rectangle? Here is a great guide on how to make a rectangular box and lid.

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