Feb 26, 2011

Wedding Cakes You Can Make

Trust me, you can do this. You can make a homemade wedding cake. To make it like the one shown here, you'll need one six inch, one nine inch and one 12 inch round cake pan. Begin with a sturdy foil covered cardboard base and a revolving cake stand (a great investment you won't regret). Add a dollop of buttercream icing to the base to keep your bottom tier from moving around. Cardboard rounds help remove cakes from their pans, making them easy to freeze, and use in making tiers line up just right. Frost each tier individually, making sure to insert sturdy wooden dowels (five should do nicely) in the bottom one. A round Wilton cake decorating tip makes an easy and elegant border that looks polished and professional. These easy-to-follow photos, as well great advice on how to transport a wedding cake are available at Secrets to Making a Wedding Cake.

Don't be tempted to overlook this very important step. Small wooden dowels (1/4 inch thick) inserted into the bottom layer will keep your cake from bulging out at the sides.
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