May 18, 2011

Regional Wedding Favors

Regional wedding favors - very affordable little thank you gifts (courtesy of Martha Stewart) that reflect the unique charm of the city or state you call home. What makes my hometown of Virginia Beach a favorite family vacation destination between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year? Martha suggests it may be the roasted peanuts. Having lived here for over twenty years, I say salt water taffy is a much better choice. Sold all along the boardwalk - at a low price every tourist can afford (about three dollars a box) - they are individually wrapped in assorted flavors and would make charming wedding favors from Southeastern Virginia and our beautiful three mile beach.

Texas spice rub favors
roasted peanut favors from Virginia
Roasted Peanuts from Virginia

cherries from Maine
Cherries from Maine
maple sugar candies from Vermont
Maple Sugar Candies from Vermont
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