Jun 14, 2011

Pepe Botella Wedding Gowns

Pepe Botella wedding gowns - "a symphony of creations for women of today with the taste of the detail of yesterday." Kate Middleton was breathtakingly beautiful in her lacy, long-sleeved, sweetheart-neckline wedding gown with lace overlay and ivory silk tulle veil trimmed with hand-embroidered flowers. Sarah Burton obviously knows her way around a needle and thread. But I can’t help but think what if Spanish designer Pepe Botella had created just for Kate - a sexy ruffled wedding gown instead? Unthinkable that the future queen would look that dramatic on her wedding day, but somehow I wish she could.

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Jun 13, 2011

Football Grooms Cake Ideas

Football grooms cakes - a great idea considering seventy five percent of all American men are obsessed with the game. Unlike basketball where all of the drama comes down to the last few minutes or even seconds, football can keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. How many times have I seen a team, positioned on their opponent’s one yard line, so close they can almost taste it, and they can’t seem to get the job done? And just two minutes later, a new receiver, a fresh-faced graduate from Ohio State, receives the kick off and sprints a full ninety nine yards past all the overweight, overpaid pros and becomes the hero of the day. That's why, along with fifty five percent of other American women, I'm a huge football (Giants) fan.

Pittsurgh Steelers grooms cake


Jun 12, 2011

Shabby Chic Wedding Signs

Today I was happy to find these shabby chic wedding signs - a charming variety of weathered and well-priced props for your vintage inspired wedding reception. "Hubby and Wife" (also available as "Mr. and Mrs.") are the perfect size to hang from the back of your sweetheart table chairs. The background color of these signs is a light ivory and the words are painted in weathered black and crackled in a way to suggest a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style décor. In addition to the ones shown here, look at the selection of reasonably priced - some as low as $15 but mostly in the $25 to $35 range - vintage style signs I found available by this same talented artist:
  • Here Comes the Bride
  • Guest Book
  • I'm His Mrs./I'm Her Mr.
  • We Did!
  • Bride/Groom
  • Here Comes My Mommy
  • And They Lived Happily Ever After
thank you wedding signs
love is sweet sign
cigar bar wedding reception sign
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Succulent Wedding Bouquet

I love this succulent wedding bouquet - made with lovely white flowers and hardy green and purple Hens and Chicks. These stubborn little succulents will grow just about anywhere, in an old coffee can, between rocks, in tins and in tires, and even in a pair of discarded old boots. Just remember, they dislike water even more than you do that low carb diet. If you decide to go with artificial succulents, I saw a wide variety today at Save On Crafts, including a faux hydrangea, rose and succulent bouquet for $22. Their online photos look amazing - especially the artificial burgundy succulents - but will they be as breathtaking as the real thing?

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Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand painted wedding cakes - it's unthinkable to me that anyone would, or even could take a knife and slice up one of these. Keep it as a show piece and serve your guests a generous slice of white or yellow butter cake with freshly made chocolate buttercream instead. The watercolor effect of pale pink roses and delicate painted leaves is enhanced by fresh garden flowers and silver dollar eucalyptus. Not all the layers need to be painted to produce a breathtaking beautiful wedding cake. These mini painted fondant cakes would be perfect for a spring bridal shower or afternoon tea.

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Jun 10, 2011

Victorian Inspired Fingerless Gloves

Victorian style fingerless gloves - you steal my heart and soul away. Sometimes I see something so perfectly and lovingly made, I must have it no matter the cost. And unlike many shops I've featured from Etsy that unfortunately come and go, this one remains steadfast year after year. If you love Victorian style fashion or consider yourself a bit of a romantic, you will love the scalloped edge stretch lace and perfect fit of these corset style gloves from Zen and Coffee. Although I don't know the shop owner's name, she offers to customize these gorgeous fingerless gloves, featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine, with ribbon to match your wedding colors for less than $35.


Jun 9, 2011

Peacock Ring Bearer Pillow

To update this post, I went back to make sure this peacock ring bearer pillow was still available, and like so many shops on Etsy, it disappeared into thin air. And so I'm sending my readers to a place that doesn't exist - how frustrating! Unless I'm asked to remove it, and you want a traditional ring bearer pillow for your peacock themed wedding, let this beautiful photo be your guide. All you need is turquoise satin fabric, three inch pink and purple satin ribbon, 1/2 inch turquoise ribbon, two peacock feathers and a tiny rhinestone earring, button or embellishment. If I can make this, believe me, so can you.

Jun 6, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Rose Petals

Environmentally friendly rose petals - each one plucked from a premium rose at its peak freshness and then individually freeze dried.  Wedding flower petals come in a variety of sensational single colors (ivory, peach, pink, burgundy and lavender) and specialty color blends (tropical, fall and spring).  As with any naturally grown rose, colors may vary slightly.  These freeze-dried petals will not wilt or stain clothing or table linen. So perfect for dressing up a wedding aisle or tossing after the ceremony—indoors or out.  Petals are sold in 10 cups, 20 cups and 60 cups.  A playful way to decorate your wedding - with earth friendly freeze dried rose petals.