Jul 25, 2011

Peacock Inspired Weddings

Peacock inspired weddings - a combination of beautiful blue, deep purple and green that is sophisticated and stylish any time of year.  Male peacocks are no doubt some of the best looking birds on the planet.  Evidently their female counterparts were so uninterested in doing the one thing ALL males love doing, divine intervention was called into place.  Parading around with iridescent Indian blue-green plumage made the hens more feisty than freshmen college girls in a coed dorm.  And I can see why.  Here are some of the most charming peacock inspired bridal accessories available right now just for you at Etsy.

peacock fascinator

peacock wedding invitations

peacock boutonniere

peacock garters

1.  Fascinator by designbynight
2.  Wedding Stationery by InvitingMoments
3.  Boutonniere by Rationale
4.  Wedding Invitation by AnistaDesigns
5.  Garter by plainNfancy

Jul 24, 2011

Candy Cane Wedding Ideas

Candy cane wedding ideas - here are a few of the many ways you can transform these affordable red and white striped holiday favorites into classy and elegant winter wedding decorations.  And if you decide to serve them - in cookies, cupcakes, brownies or cake - everyone loves the refreshing taste!  At about $1.99 for a box of 12 (or even less from your local dollar store), they can be hung, strung, broken into bits, hot glued and wired into holiday wreaths.  Or just show off these fun red and white favorites in vintage teacups and elegant glass jars.

candy cane wedding centerpiece
candy cane wedding ideas
christmas wedding cookies
candy cane popcorn favors
candy cane inspired wedding cake

Jul 23, 2011

Looking Lovely in a Birdcage Veil

A simple birdcage veil has all the loveliness of traditional wedding veils without the big ticket price.  And so practical - no lengthy veil to get stepped on, torn and torpedoed by your new pair of Badgley Mischka bridal shoes.  And the best part?  You can easily make one yourself in less than 1 hour - I've done it myself many times.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a bird cage veil.  At first glance it looks like a lot of time-consuming steps, but trust me, it goes fairly fast.  And once you've made one simple birdcage veil, you can make and market as many as you like in white, diamond white and ivory to individually owned bridal boutiques or online at Etsy.
bride wearing a birdcage veil

vintage wedding products

Playful Polka Dot Wedding Cakes

Polka dot wedding cakes - what could be more playful, more joyful, more fun?  Your mom and dad and soon-to-be in laws showed up to have a really great time.  Lots of love and lots of laughs.  Toddlers in tuxedos and old ladies going crazy in the Conga line.  A day like no other - the day you exchange vows with your best friend, your lover, your soul mate. Why not make it fresh and funny?  Of course your clan will be impressed with the Baked Salmon with Horseradish Crust.  But for young and old alike, nothing beats the surprise and sheer joy of a playful polka dot wedding cake.

Whimsical Polka Dot Wedding Cake

green and white polka dot wedding cake

Red and Pink Polka Dot Cake

Scalloped Heart Tags

These vintage inspired scalloped heart tags by are so charming with their fascinating French style script and softly distressed edgesd, they’ll be hard to give away.  But you must!  Attach them to your wedding favors - hang them on your wish tree - or give them away at Valentine's Day to those you hold most dear.  Here is what you'll receive with these heart shaped favor tags:
  • 10 handmade tags designed on vintage cream cardstock with scalloped edges for $16.
  • Each tag has been individually stamped and distressed using deep expresso ink.
  • The size of each heart shaped tag is approximately is 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches - perfect for small favors and gifts - and are adorned with a 9/16 inch (your choice of blue or cream) vintage ribbon.
  • The ribbon length is a full 15 inches long.  Dress up your Christmas tree with these charming hearts or add the finishing touch to a wine bottle or homemade box of peanut butter fudge.
  • Discounts available on orders of 100 or more.

Jul 22, 2011

Purple Wedding Day

A purple themed wedding, it's what I'd do if I had to marry the same sweet Italian-American guy all over again.  Purple and green - purple and blue - purple and silver, all beautiful color combinations.  Unbelievably, my wedding colors were pale pink and blue.  I know, I know…pink and BLUE?  Thankfully enough, the marriage has worked out long and well in spite of my weirdly-chosen baby shower colored theme.  Today my choice would be purple...deep and delicious purple like this amazingly beautiful dark purple tulip centerpiece.

purple tulip centerpiece

white and purple ring bearer pillow

purple and white wedding cupcakes

purple bridesmaid dresses

Jul 18, 2011

Rustic Grapevine Cake Toppers

This rustic grapevine cake topper is a great eco-friendly wedding idea that eliminates the need for paper, metal or plastic cake toppers that leave a heavier carbon footprint on the beautiful blue planet we all call home. RusticDesignsByAmie invites you to visit her cake topper album on Facebook to view her different styles. If you have a favorite font, she'll do her best to accommodate you. A six inch tall topper, with wooden dowels that insert into the cake, sells for $44.00 (plus about ten dollars more for shipping). Amie can create the grapevine thinner for a more elegant look, or wider for a more rustic themed wedding.

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Jul 13, 2011

The Joy of Short Husbands

With my Dad and brother both six feet two, I naturally grew up thinking all men were tall. When I reached my full height of 5’6” in seventh grade, I suddenly found myself looking down at the greasy and dandruff-ridden hair of boys the same age, one of whom I unhappily assumed would be Mr. Right. During the summer between 7th and 8th something bizarre (even more bizarre than having your first period, if that’s possible) happened. Boys that were five feet tall standing on their tippy toes in June now had to duck their heads going in the cafeteria door in September. So once again, men were tall and women were not.

Having sampled the intellect of the tall local boys, one of whom told me Shakespeare was a brand of fishing reel (which it is), but definitely was not a person. Boys were fun to look up at but easy to look down on. A chance encounter brought my future husband into my life at age 22, and you can guess the rest. A small, but very smart guy, but big on making me laugh, especially at myself.

Tina Fey and husband, Jeff Richmond

Jul 12, 2011

Flaming Red Wedding Bouquet

Even though the heat index is well over 100 degrees from Phoenix to Fort Smith, Arkansas, thoughts eventually return to finding the perfect winter wedding bouquet. With all the popular flowers today - tulips, baby's breath, peonies, dahlias and daisies - roses are still the number one favorite for most American brides. Red roses are symbolic for passion and pleasure, and isn't that exactly what you want on the day your two hearts become one? Paired with sleek and stylish calla lilies and hand-tied with red satin ribbon, winter just wouldn’t be as exciting without a crimson red wedding bouquet.
red rose wedding bouquet

red and white bridal bouquet

red and white bridal bouquet

red and white roses bouquet

bouquet of red roses
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