Jul 13, 2011

The Joy of Short Husbands

With my Dad and brother both six feet two, I naturally grew up thinking all men were tall. When I reached my full height of 5’6” in seventh grade, I suddenly found myself looking down at top of the heads of boys the same age, one of whom I just assumed would one day be Mr. Right. During the summer between seventh and eighth grade happened. Boys that were five feet tall standing on their tippy toes in June now had to duck their heads going in the cafeteria door in September. So once again men were tall, just as I had been lead to believe.

Having witnessed the sketchy intellect of the tall grown-up neighborhood boys, one of whom told me Shakespeare was a brand of fishing reel (which it is), but definitely was not a person. Boys were fun to look up at but easy to look down on. A lucky chance encounter brought my future husband (from upstate New York) into my life at age 22, and you can guess the rest. A small, but very smart guy, but big on making me laugh, especially at myself.

Tina Fey and husband, Jeff Richmond