Jul 25, 2011

Peacock Inspired Weddings

Peacock inspired weddings - a combination of beautiful blue, deep purple and green that is sophisticated and stylish any time of year.  Male peacocks are no doubt some of the best looking birds on the planet.  Evidently their female counterparts were so uninterested in doing the one thing ALL males love doing, divine intervention was called into place.  Parading around with iridescent Indian blue-green plumage made the hens more feisty than freshmen college girls in a coed dorm.  And I can see why.  Here are some of the most charming peacock inspired bridal accessories available right now just for you at Etsy.

peacock fascinator

peacock wedding invitations

peacock boutonniere

peacock garters

1.  Fascinator by designbynight
2.  Wedding Stationery by InvitingMoments
3.  Boutonniere by Rationale
4.  Wedding Invitation by AnistaDesigns
5.  Garter by plainNfancy

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