Jul 25, 2011

Peacock Inspired Weddings

Peacock inspired weddings - a combination of royal blue, deep purple and iridescent green that is elegant and stylish any time of year. This exquisite peacock hand corsage - once featured at an Etsy shop that appears to be in vacation mode as of this writing, steals my heart away. It is designed with small, trimmed peacock feathers and curled plumes, teal and violet millinery leaves, teal spotted guinea feathers, and a sparkling rhinestone button. All of these are attached to a comfortable black pearl beaded wrist band that is less than two inches wide. A lovely corsage for a peacock themed wedding I wish was still available, but could be recreated with inspiration from the photo below.


Peacock Inspired Makeup

peacock boutonniere
Peacock Boutonniere with Spotted Guinea Feathers

peacock garters
Matching Peacock Wedding Garters
Peacock Inspired Wedding Reception

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