Aug 27, 2011

Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Romantic candle centerpieces - they don't need to be complicated or expensive, just very well placed. I love the long weathered table, dressed only in a rustic burlap runner with simple white tapers and surrounded by fresh, fragrant eucalyptus. I know I would feel well-loved here, sipping ice cold champagne over Grilled Tuna with Lemon Butter Sauce. All of us love a table that's warm and welcoming. Even white dollar store candles can make it so.

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Aug 25, 2011

Rustic Pine Cone Boutonnieres

I absolutely adore this pine cone boutonniere I found this morning on Etsy. A lovely little perfectly-shaped pinecone, some twine, small satin ribbon and a corsage pin for just over ten dollars. If you're comfortable with a pair of pliers and a mini handsaw, you can easily make your own. Create your rustic boutonniere from the "flower" that appears at the bottom of every pinecone. Here's a great guide from Martha Stewart on how to make a pinecone boutonniere.

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Aug 22, 2011

Crystal Bridal Headbands

Crystal bridal headbands - carefully handcrafted featuring countless rhinestones and hand-wired crystals, gold plated metal leaves and stunning gold flower accents. Available in gold or silver, these elegant headpieces are wired to rhinestone trimmed headbands and finished with imported ribbon. Turnaround time is three to five weeks so plan ahead. Expect to pay between $200 to $300 for these crystal headbands and headpieces, which have been featured on The Today Show and on the cover of The Knot Magazine, among many other magazines nationwide.

crystal beaded bridal headband
crystal bridal headband

Aug 21, 2011

Caramel Corn Wedding Favors

Caramel corn wedding favors are fun and easy to make with popped corn, peanuts, corn syrup, butter and brown sugar. And if you do make your own, keep it in an airtight container - away from heat and humidity - where it should stay fresh up to one month (obviously, the sooner you use it, the better). If you purchase store bought caramel corn, keep it in its original packaging until the time you get ready to display it in small kraft bags or Mason jars wrapped in burlap and tied in baker's twine. Unlike the type you make at home from scratch, this caramel corn has preservatives and will stay fresh from 30 to 60 days.

 Delicious homemade caramel corn for your fall themed wedding.

Aug 6, 2011

Stylish Table Number Holders

Stylish table number holders - elegant and affordable (just $2.25 each) that you can use for wedding receptions, formal dinner parties or to display your favorite family photos. Available in black, gold or silver - a set of twelve for $27. These round shaped number holders will hold names, numbers and other messages and are ideal for a 5 x 7 table number or photograph. Made of lightweight aluminum, you can expect to pay $7.00 for shipping whether you order a set of 12 or twenty five.

Aug 3, 2011

Wedding Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboard wedding ideas - where you download a free wedding printable, or paint and produce a custom chalkboard sign yourself, many of these add a touch of whimsy to a celebration that is both sacred and serious. The wedding memorial sign, "In honor of those watching from Heaven - We Love You!" is so sweet and thoughtful I hardly know where to start.

Download these free chalkboard wedding arrows from Evermine.
Check your local craft stores but Amazon carries two sizes of these oval tree slices
(Wilson Basswood) - the 12 inch is $10.85 and 14 inch is $15.99, sanded on both sides.
Whimsical chalkboard reception sign in vintage style gold frame.