Jan 31, 2012

Unconventional Bridal Bouquets

Why choose an unconventional bouquet? Because your love of music and my left handedness, among many other traits, makes us so very unique. Grandma's bouquet of white carnations feel about as fresh and original as a bunch of hand-me-downs from your big sister when you were thirteen. Times change and luckily so do we. I love the fragrance of freshly cut flowers, and garden roses are no exception, but traditional bouquets are wonderful today and wilted tomorrow. Here is a small but lovely selection of my favorite unconventional bridal bouquets.
green and yellow succulent bouquet

wheat wedding bouquet
beach themed bouquet
white origami bridal bouquet
embroidered felt flower bouquet
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Cassie said...

Thanks for showcasing our unconventional paper flower bridal bouquet!