Feb 29, 2012

Love Bird Cake Toppers

What is our fascination with lovebirds?  Birds that "fall in love" and stay together, making a cozy nest and an even cozier lifetime commitment - everything we need and desire for ourselves.  We also see these birds, perched happily side by side, who stay together through sunny days and stormy ones, face down every would-be predator that comes their way.  Together for a lifetime, lovebirds symbolize two hearts, two minds, two lovers forsaking all others.



Wedding Cake Cookie Designs

Wedding cake cookies - can you make them yourself? Clearly stenciled cookies like these (last photo) require more time and talent then I have on my best baking day. And that's coming from someone who owned and operated Miss Becky's Bakery here in Virginia Beach for three sweet years. But with an easy sugar cookie recipe, wedding cake cookie cutters, Wilton decorating tips and bags, you can make professional looking cookies that are dressed to impress. And of course you'll need a good royal icing recipe that makes your decorations harden and shine.



Feb 21, 2012

Burlap Wedding Accessories

Burlap wedding accessories - when did boring old burlap go from being a breathable yet unbreakable sack for potatoes, onions and imported coffee beans to rustic wedding banners, bouquets and boutonnieres? Burlap is a coarse fabric made from vegetable fibers. A natural and sustainable choice for brides worried about waste. A burlap themed wedding is a warm and welcome celebration we all can feel good about.

rustic baby's breath bouquet

sunflower wrist corsages
rustic sunflower boutonniere
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Feb 19, 2012

Sunflower Wedding Cupcakes

Sunflower wedding cupcakes - charming and cheerful - they'll put everyone in a happy mood! The Chinese believe these beautiful yellow and brown blooms symbolize long life, happiness and good luck. Others admire the sunflower's constant search for light, or enlightenment. I just love sweet hand-piped sunflowers with chocolate Oreo centers and fabulous little yellow flowers made from fondant. Not crazy about cake decorating? Arrange yellow and brown cupcakes on a large, round table into the shape of a large sunflower - a perfect DIY idea for your sunflower themed wedding.

sunflower cupcake with Oreo center
sunflower cupcakes  

sunflower cupcake centerpiece 
cupcakes with fondant sunflowers
chocolate cupcakes with sunflowers 

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Just Married Wedding Banners

Just Married Wedding Banners - say it loud and say it proud.  It was a bold move, moving from an unofficial commitment to something much more meaningful. Gathering up all your girlfriends, aunts and uncles, cousins you haven’t seen since your sixth grade graduation, as well as a few former still-friendly ex-boyfriends, and sharing the joy of the most important day of your life.  You chose a man who makes you care, makes you think, and most importantly, makes you laugh out loud.  You just got married…and the whole world needs to know!

Feb 17, 2012

Paper Rose Bouquets

Paper bouquets - earth friendly roses that bloom all year long, made from colorful card stock and glued to cloth-covered floral wire. These (medium sized) peacock inspired paper flowers in rich shades of turquoise, sage and royal blue are available in sets of 6, 12, 18 and 24 in prices ranging from $24.00 to $68.00. Traditional flower bouquets might look sad by Saturday, but handmade paper roses will still be sweet when guests are gone and become a lovely lasting keepsake.

peacock inspired paper bouquet
purple paper bouquet
pink and red paper bouquet
chocolate and copper paper bouquet
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Feb 15, 2012

Succulent Boutonnieres

Succulent boutonnieres - made from those gorgeous green rosettes lovingly called Hens and Chicks. They thrive in zones 4 through 8 which is practically everywhere except for the top of Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota and the southern sections of Texas and Florida. Too much water seems to be their worst enemy. Good drainage and a hot sunny spot are what a succulent lives for. If you would rather shop for these online, you can order early and they will be shipped in the spring. With the help of some 20 gauge floral wire and green floral tape you can make one of these eco-friendly boutonnieres in just minutes. Here is how to make a simple succulent boutonniere.

Succulent Boutonniere Ideas


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Feb 7, 2012

Pink Wedding Buffet Candy

Pink wedding buffet candy - so many delicious choices but how much to buy? If you are providing a candy buffet that allows guests to take some home in little bags or boxes, you need to provide at eight ounces of candy per guest (allowing some will take more, some will take less and some will take a pass). If you have 50 guests you will need 25 pounds of candy and for 100 guests, 50 pounds of candy will do nicely. Here are just a few of the many pink candies, displayed in clear apothecary jars that can make up your pink wedding or birthday candy buffet:
  • pink candy hearts
  • peppermints and peppermint sticks
  • watermelon licorice
  • light and dark pink M&Ms
  • tutti frutti pink lollipops
  • pink marshmallow peeps
  • watermelon Jolly Roger candies
  • rock candy sticks
  • pink chocolate Jordan Almonds
  • pink gumballs
  • strawberry salt water taffy
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans (strawberry cheesecake, bubble gum, cotton candy)
pink wedding candy buffet
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Love Birds Wedding Wish Tags

Love birds wedding wish tags - each one (of 100 for $75.50) will be hand stamped with the image of a sweet pair of kissing love birds and edged with dark sepia archival ink for that vintage inspired look. They are a generous 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", blank on the back for guests to write their own personal loving message and are pre-strung with natural twine. Any color ribbon can be substituted that suits your personal style. This listing is for 100 tags, but any number can be purchased.  What is your warm and welcome wish?
  • A long happy marriage
  • Healthy children
  • Financial success
  • Fulfilling careers
  • A home full of laughter
  • Meaningful friendships
  • Spiritual fulfillment
  • A lifetime of beautiful tomorrows

wedding wish tags

Feb 6, 2012

Rustic Beach Wedding Signs

Rustic beach wedding signs - these are the most adorable ones I found online today.  Beach weddings are cozy, comfortable and casual and if you're lucky enough to live by the sea you can save a king's ransom going without the big dress, expensive shoes and veil.  Make your guests comfortable with a small table of ice cold lemonade to sip while waiting for the ceremony to start.  And greet your guests with these charming rustic wedding signs that look surprisingly easy to make from discarded old wooden fences and simple white paint. 



Feb 1, 2012

Gum Paste Wedding Cake Flowers

Gum paste wedding cake flowers - would you love to design, cut and create your own? Unbelievably, these breathtaking beautiful flowers are made from only water, sugar, gum paste powder and food coloring. That's it. And cutters that you can find on Amazon and elsewhere that include all of your favorite wedding flowers: Roses, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Daisy (Gerbera and/or white Shasta Daisies like those shown below), Peonies, Hydrangea, Hibiscus and Ranunculus.

Gum Paste Flower Tutorials: