Feb 7, 2012

Pink Wedding Buffet Candy

Pink wedding buffet candy - so many delicious choices but how much to buy? If you are providing a candy buffet that allows guests to take some home in little bags or boxes, you need to provide at eight ounces of candy per guest (allowing some will take more, some will take less and some will take a pass). If you have 50 guests you will need 25 pounds of candy and for 100 guests, 50 pounds of candy will do nicely. Here are just a few of the many pink candies, displayed in clear apothecary jars that can make up your pink wedding or birthday candy buffet:
  • pink candy hearts
  • peppermints and peppermint sticks
  • watermelon licorice
  • light and dark pink M&Ms
  • tutti frutti pink lollipops
  • pink marshmallow peeps
  • watermelon Jolly Roger candies
  • rock candy sticks
  • pink chocolate Jordan Almonds
  • pink gumballs
  • strawberry salt water taffy
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans (strawberry cheesecake, bubble gum, cotton candy)
pink wedding candy buffet
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