Apr 18, 2012

Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

Tea party bridal shower ideas - affordable and elegant, just what you're looking for. You may be just one phone call away from using a collection of gorgeous gold-rimmed vintage tea cups on loan from your Great Aunt Susan. Your friends will feel like they're having toast and tea in the lavishly landscaped gardens of Buckingham Palace. The British aren't the only ones who love a cup of freshly brewed tea. According to the Tea Association of America, 84% of all tea consumed in this country last year was Black Tea. But our tastes are slowly evolving which makes savory pumpkin spice or cranberry pomegranate sound daring and delicious. Indoors or out, here are my personal tips for having the perfect tea party bridal shower:

cupcakes in vintage tea cups
tea bag cookies
tea party flower centerpiece
  • Plan your bridal shower in mid to late afternoon, outdoors if the weather is lovely.
  • Pick a pale pink and green or vintage inspired theme.
  • Serve a variety of savory, bite-sized appetizers and sweets such as cupcakes, biscotti or scones.
  • No proper tea party is complete without simple and delicious cucumber sandwiches!
  • Brew several pots of tea - lemon with ginger, passion fruit and pepperemint - and serve with sugar, fresh cream and lemon slices.
  • Make your own tea bag favors with free online printable templates.
  • Make your party more visually stunning with two and three tiered cake dishes, doilies, place cards and brightly colored cloth napkins.

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