Jul 28, 2012

Fall Themed Wedding Favors

Fall themed wedding favors - especially assembled by hand - feel like small gifts that have been carefully and lovingly made. No plastic packaging, no flip flop theme. No more coasters or lollipops or key chains or coffee mugs. Something as simple as these charming pillow boxes with America's favorite chocolates (in beautiful fall colors) tucked inside. Colorful orange yarn or baker's twine looks inviting with a matching hand stamped tag. Here are some of my favorite DIY fall wedding favor ideas.

DIY fall wedding favors
honey wedding favors
You don't need to buy the bees, hive and harvest
to assemble the sweet, lovely nectar of honey to make favors like these. 
popcorn wedding favors

 Popcorn wedding favors are an inexpensive thank you gift
with charming rustic tags from Evermine.
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