Aug 1, 2012

Custom Chalkboard Wedding Signs

CJ Hughes is a talented chalk artist and creator of this custom chalkboard wedding sign with an amazingly charming vintage design. This is (was) his best selling sign, hand rendered on an 18 x 24 inch board, suitable for hanging or display on an easel. Each one of his Victorian style signs is completed in chalk and then painted over with acrylic paint to make it a lasting wedding keepsake. Your names and wedding date will be placed in similar locations as shown in this lovely work of art. Priced at less than $175, this sign would be a perfect addition to your vintage style wedding, but you need to put in your request soon. Unfortunately, as I update this post in 2017, this sign is not available, but many other artists at Etsy offer custom chalkboard wedding signs in the range of $50 to $100.

custom chalkboard wedding sign
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andré blais said...

Those are cute! Thanks for sharing!!