Jan 15, 2013

Tulip Wedding Bouquets

Tulip wedding bouquets - a simple but sweet bouquet of flowers so adored even Persian poets of long ago dreamed of a garden paradise with "the murmur of a cool stream / bird song, ripe fruit in plenty / bright multicoloured tulips and fragrant roses."  Speaks to my soul and so do these tulips in shades of creamy white and pink, dramatic purple and orange, and oh so elegant white.  Which one of these fresh tulip bridal bouquets makes your heart sing?

white tulip bouquet 

pink tulip bouquet
Pink and Purple Tulip Bouquet

red tulip wedding bouquet
Red Tulip Bouquet

purple and orange tulip wedding bouquet
Purple and Orange Tulip Bouquet

pink tulip centerpieces, pink tulip bridesmaid bouquets
Pink Tulip Bouquets

purple and white bouquet, purple and white tulip bouquet
Purple and White Tulip Bouquet
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