Mar 19, 2013

Handmade Lace Bridal Earrings

Originally I found these lovely lace bridal earrings and other romantic accessories at Stitch From The Heart on Etsy. As I update this in the summer of 2017, this shop is on vacation with no reviews from the past year. These Etsy shops - they come and they go. Luckily, there are so many sellers that are practically giving these Venetian lace appliques away. The craftsmanship is high and the prices are low. Lay your matching appliques on a piece of foil and give them a generous coating of Modge Podge using a small paint brush. After they dry, another coat will guarantee a nice stiffness and a more durable pair of lace earrings. Attach the stiffened lace with a jump ring to your favorite pair of ear wires.

alencon lace earrings
White Embroidered Lace Earrings
alencon lace bridal headband
White Lace Floral Headband
lace floral necklace
Ivory Lace Floral Necklace 
gold lace headband
Antique Gold Lace Headband

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