Apr 29, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Bridal Earrings

I originally found theses crystal bridal earrings on Etsy with delicate white and cream pearls and CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski elements from Lithuania, an Eastern European country with a population no larger than Los Angeles. As I update this in the summer of 2017, these crystal teardrop earrings are still available for $45 plus ten dollars for shipping. They are 1.75 inches long, made with quality Swarovski pearls and are available in white/off white or ivory/cream.

crystal teardrop bridal earrings

Apr 11, 2013

Burlap Themed Weddings

Burlap themed weddings feel so genuine and down-to-earth, especially friendly after a long plane ride with a tiny bag of pretzels and a two hour delay. You probably won't see chandeliers dripping with sparkling Swarovski crystals here. No cloth napkins or gold rimmed china plates. The vibe will be warm and welcoming. New acquaintances will suddenly feel like childhood pals. If you get sauce on your shirt from the Tequila-Lime Chicken Quesadillas, the nice guy on the left of you and the smiling woman on the right will give you a pass. Find your place among these wonderful new people more interested in good food than formalwear.

burlap covered mini jam favors
Put me on the receiving end of one of these
burlap covered jams,
deliciously made with organic fruit
and seductively named "Blackberry Merlot."
Burlap candle centerpiece for a winter themed wedding.
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