Sep 30, 2013

Rose Tattoo Wedding Invitations

Roses, hearts and butterflies - most dearly loved tattoos for women.  Beautiful red roses, one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world, symbolizes passion and perfection, wealth and well-being.  Oh, and I almost forgot - fertility.  When paired with a heart it means love, now and everlasting.  These rose tattoo wedding invitations evoke the charm of something we take for granted everyday - velvety red roses, fragrant and fresh, filling our little world with breathtaking beauty.

Most Popular Tattoos for Women
  • Angels - symbolize our belief in spiritual guardians to watch over and protect us, always keep us in their loving care.
  • Butterflies - long a symbol of beauty and grace, but they also can mark a magnificent life-changing event such as a birth or wedding.
  • Doves - usually symbolize the end of a conflict or just the pure joy in living in peace and harmony.
  • Hearts - always invoke love, adoration, friendship and most of all - passion!
  • Stars - shooting stars can symbolize breathtaking moments in our life as well as our ambitions, aims and inspiration.

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