Sep 2, 2013

Rustic Wedding Table Numbers

Rustic wedding table numbers - so warm, so rich, so inviting. It adds a cozy country charm to your reception, where everyone wants to get close, get connected and enjoy a day of love, laughter and lemon drop martinis. These rustic log table numbers, handcrafted from Colorado aspen logs and engraved with a wood-burning tool may or may not be a little pricey for you at $10 each. If so - use this easy tutorial on how to make rustic table numbers with low-priced items you'll find at your local craft store.

rustic log table numbers
As I update this post in the summer of 2017,
these rustic table numbers are no longer available on Etsy. 
Rustic and romantic hand painted table numbers on dark walnut wood.

 Stenciled burlap table numbers - a great DIY wedding idea.
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