Nov 1, 2013

5 Easy Rustic Wedding Reception Ideas

Rustic wedding receptions - have the one you've always dreamed of - on the cheap! Let me show you 5 ways to make it happen with some inexpensive items you may already have in the house, the garage and even in your own back yard.

burlap table runner

1. A simple burlap table runner, especially on a white tablecloth is one of the easiest ways to transform your reception from formal to friendly. It looks even more rustic with frayed, uneven edges - no sewing needed! For your smaller wedding projects such as decorating candles, vases and Mason jars, burlap is also available in smaller widths, such as 2, 4, and six inches.
rustic beach wedding signs 

2.  Pay someone to make you a rustic wedding sign Don't even think about it. I have wood just like this piled up in my garage right now and white acrylic paint in my craft box.  The more weathered the wood, the more compliments you'll get. I love the charming mix of printed and handwritten words - and quirky message - that makes this sign so unique.

ladder cupcake stand
3.  This is beautiful on so many levels - literally!  The rich grain of this wood is exquisite.  Would pink cupcakes look so delicious and welcoming on these brown wooden steps?  I don't think so.  The more natural wood - centerpieces, cake and cupcake stands, table numbers and signs you can squeeze into your wedding reception d├ęcor, the more your guests will feel right at home.

rustic succulent wedding centerpiece
4.  Succulents - charming green rosettes that warm up a room with their simple beauty.  Here shown - at right - nestled into a bed of faux moss and tucked into a small cup or vase like so many I've seen at thrift stores for less than I paid for my morning coffee.  A small but sweet centerpiece - even if you purchase the succulents ("hens and chicks") - instead of growing them yourself, you'll pay about three dollars for each.

s'mores wedding favors
5. It's amazing how much rustic character is in a simple piece of twine.  Who wouldn't love to get the perfect stack of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows - especially in the fall - when thoughts turn to mouth watering S'mores made over an open fire?

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lorie marez said...

I totally love the smores favors! So cute and appropriate! We are using it! Thank you for sharing.

lorie marez said...

I totally love the smores favors! So cute and appropriate! We are using it! Thank you for sharing.

lorie marez said...

We totally love the smores wedding favors...Totally Using It!!! Thank you for sharing!!

AmberSherman said...

How long do you have to wait to make these to make sure the marshmallows and graham crackers don't get stale?

Beautiful Bridal said...

If you were getting married on a Saturday, I would assemble these favors no later than the weekend before. That way, the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows would be nice and fresh!

Krista Armstrong said...

Where do you get those tags for the S'mores?

Beautiful Bridal said...


I love all the labels at and while you're there, be sure to check out their blog ( for so many great DIY wedding favor ideas. Thank you for stopping by!