Nov 3, 2013

Hens and Chicks - My Favorite Little Favors

Hens and chicks - those little green rosettes that make such charming and eco-friendly favors have a more formal name - Sempervivum, which literally means "live forever." And they will with some very well-drained soil and plenty of hot sun. And you can ditch the watering can for the most part because all these sweet little succulents want to do is soak in the summer sunshine and send out their tender shoots, making a larger extended family of beautiful baby hens and chicks in stunning shades of dark purple, sea green, silver blue and pale pink. Here is why these hardy little hens and chicks make my Irish heart sing:

succulent wedding favors
  • There are so many beautiful varieties of hens and chicks such as yellow, green, deep purple and red.  They are drought resistant and will thrive in just about every part of the United States - in growing zones 4 through 9.  Don't want to grow your own?  I pick them up regularly at Lowe's, Home Deport and local garden centers for about three dollars each.
  • A sweet little succulent can double as a place card holder and wedding favor all in one.
  • With all of us striving to leave a lighter carbon footprint on our beautiful and tender planet, it just makes good sense to take a pass on favors made of plastic.  Hens and chicks are so happy to be alive, they survive in soil where other plants can't grow.  With some simple instructions attached, these small succulents will grow and multiply under the care of well-loved family and friends.
  • Giving the gift of hens and chicks - especially ones you watch, water and wait on - helps others appreciate the care and love of homemade gifts compared to those bought in bulk.  Give them a small and lovely home in small glass jars, tiny tin buckets or terra cotta pots. 

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