Dec 10, 2013

Messages of Gratitude for your Wedding Program

Messages of gratitude - for mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, every person who shares your unique DNA. It just feels good to thank and be thanked. And it's good to remember that our loved ones are worth more than a vintage inspired wedding dress by Claire Pettibone ($26,000) or an overnight stay in the Four Seasons Resort on the island of Bora Bora ($1,780). A thankful heart is a happy heart. Put it in your wedding program - your gratefulness for with those who love you best.

A special thank you to our parents - for loving us, nurturing us and helping us grow into adults with happy hearts full of love and laughter. You set a great example for us with your unconditional love and praise. Your tender devotion allowed us to grow up into the mature man and woman we are today, ready to love and be loved.

On this most important day of our lives, we honor our parents, brothers and sisters, and extended family and friends. Your joy, your enthusiasm and your presence fills our hearts with love as we promise each other a lifetime of harmony and humility. We are blessed that you made this journey with us - a pledge to be true and faithful - as long as we both shall live.

Because of all of you, this sacred day of sweet love has exceeded all of our expectations. In the presence of God we accept your good and beautiful blessings and commit ourselves to each other forever. In good times and bad, we promise to remember the day we spent with you - as we vowed to love, share and sacrifice. Your blessing is a great and wonderful gift.

We welcome our warm and wonderful families with humble hearts. Everything we are, we owe to your big hearts and open arms. Our extended family - eager to witness this sacred celebration of love. Our friends - people who were once strangers but decided they would rather be great listeners, coaches and caretakers. Thank you for blessing us, with your unconditional love, kindness and devotion that makes this sacred day even more special.

We are here today to pledge our love - a love that will see us through days of joy and seasons of sorrow. We gather our strength from our loving families and friends - some who couldn't make it here today but are a happy memory in our hearts. We are blessed beyond measure to have you witness the first day of our incredible journey, a journey of eternal love from this day forward.

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