Dec 4, 2013

Personalized Carved Wedding Signs

How much is the right amount to spend on a wedding gift? According to The Knot, if it's the wedding of a co-worker or someone you socialize with only now and then, you should spend at least $75 to $100 on the wedding present. But in reality, most of us spend $79 or less. That's why this personalized carved wedding sign - priced at less than $65 - will fit comfortably in your budget and do double duty as a cherished family heirloom. Here's what you'll receive with this stylish, one of a kind personalized wedding gift:
  • Beautifully carved last and first names and wedding date.  If you would rather have your first names used as the background and a special phrase across the front, they would be happy to carve something amazing just for you!
  • Each carved last name sign is embellished with a two toned stain finish and given a coat of protective sealant to last forever.  Two saw tooth hangers on the back allow you to hang this amazing family work of art over a doorway or display on a shelf or family room bookcase. 
  • Real wood can be just as quirky as you and me.  If you see a piece of wood with a perfect grain chances are it's not a piece of sturdy pine.  Pine has knots and grains that run throughout, giving it character and personality.  These signs are no different.  Expect to see the rustic beauty and blemishes and learn to love them all.
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