Feb 11, 2014

Groomsmen Gift Idea - Guinness Beer Soap

Lather responsibly! This 4.5 oz. Guinness beer soap creates lots of creamy, foamy bubbles that will soothe and soften his dry and irritated skin. A great gift for your Guinness beer loving groomsmen at only $6.00 each. This is a very man-friendly fragrance, combining the aroma of Guinness Extra Stout with a vanilla twist. These handmade soaps for men have healthy herbal ingredients - moisturizing oils his skin will love - olive (loaded with antioxidants), palm, soybean, sunflower and coconut oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, as well as Guinness Extra Stout Beer and cocoa powder. Guinness - a hearty and well loved Irish drink, and now a handsomely packaged moisturizer for men.
  • Jameson Java Handmade Soap - A 4.5 oz bar with notes of vanilla and Jameson Irish whiskey, this scent is a perfect balance of spicey and sweet.
  • Killian's Irish Red Beer Soap - This is a unique fragrance, combining the aroma of Killian's Irish Red with a lemon twist.  A fresh, citrus with juniper berries and woodsy notes of vetiver (a fragrant grass native to India).
  • Guinness Gift Set - Beer Soap & Lip Balm - This groomsmen gift set includes one bar of Guinness Extra Stout Beer Soap PLUS one Guinness Extra Stout Vanilla Lip Balm tucked together in a black fishnet gift bag - labeled and all ready for wedding day gift giving.
Guinness beer soap

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