Mar 12, 2014

Tea Themed Party Favors

Tea themed party favors - a sweet little thank you gift - graciously given during a cozy afternoon of blueberry lemon scones and afternoon tea.  This heart shaped tea infuser - at slightly less than three dollars - opens easily by squeezing the handle.  Insert fresh chamomile or green tea leaves and enjoy a hot and healthy alternative to coffee that will soothe your nerves and refresh your soul.  The teapot infuser is slightly more expensive, but the best deal of all is a retractable measuring tape (minor assembly required) that comes shaped like a heart or teapot—take your pick! This practical wedding favor doubles as a key chain and arrives in a stylish clear box with the word "Love" (heart-shaped favor) or "It's Tea Time!" (teapot-shaped favor).  Only $2.00 each for a sweet set of six.

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