Apr 3, 2014

Designer Bridal Lehengas by Manish Malhotra

What is a bridal lehenga and who is Manish Malhotra? Bridal lehengas or lehenga choli are the heavily embroidered crop top, flared skirts and flowing silk scarves traditionally worn by Indian and Pakistani brides. And Manish Malhotra is a man - with no formal training - that entered the fashion world at twenty five and has dressed every famous Indian actress and lucky bride that has crossed his path. He's simply the best. He's the only designer known to read an entire movie script and envision the characters before deciding on what costumes to create. His lovely bridal lehengas are legendary - he often embraces the customary deep and dark colors of brick red and purple and then creates more modern Indian bridal wear with breathtaking shades of pastel pink and gold.


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