Apr 17, 2014

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Eco-friendly wedding favors - are they harder to find, more complicated to make, more expensive to buy? The answer to all three is no. A small plant, tree or succulent may be as close as your own back yard. Here are my five favorite eco-friendly wedding ideas for a wholesome, healthier planet and a more meaningful small thank you gift.

environmentally friendly wedding favor
  • Gourmet organic chocolates, nuts or locally grown foods. Here in Virginia, peanuts are our specialty. A small burlap bag of gourmet peanuts, still in their shells, tied with twine and an attractive homemade tag will be welcomed by all - especially those from out of state.
  • A small plant or succulent. Hens and Chicks are those little green rosettes you can place in the ground, a planter or even in an old tin can. They'll grow anywhere as long as the soil is light, the sun is bright and they don't get too much water.
  • Reusable cloth tote bags. The craft store, the fabric store and all the grocery stores carry reusable tote bags for just a dollar or two. Joanne's Fabrics carry the most beautiful line of reusable totes I've ever seen. Everyone's using them - they're cute and convenient. And our landfills need a break from plastic bags.
  • Soy or beeswax candles. Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans and is completely renewable. While the global reserves of oil shrink and the price of paraffin rises, the only limit to soy is how much we choose to grow. A well-made soy candle will burn cleanly and slowly and makes an environmentally friendly little gift.
  • A small charitable donation in each guest's name. Here at home I've been helping Union Mission Ministries, a charity that has been clothing and feeding the homeless for over 100 years. They welcome a donation of $1.98 to provide a hot meal to one hungry man, woman or child.
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