Apr 25, 2014

Flower Collage Hair Combs

This collection of flower collage hair combs - as I update this in the fall of 2017 - are still available on Etsy. They are made with beautiful resin flower cabochons and securely set on antique brass filigree hair combs. Most of these sell for about twenty six dollars. Were you to make them yourself, this same bronze hair comb will cost you one or two dollars each. The flower cabochons, including mini daisies, dahlias, mums and garden roses are available in lots of 10, 20 and even fifty. They are plentiful and affordable at about fifty cents or less. E6000 glue would no doubt secure these tiny resin flowers neatly in place.

garden style flower hair comb
purple flower hair comb

flower collage hair combs

flower bridal hair comb

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