Apr 23, 2014

Pinwheel Wedding Table Numbers

You can make these pinwheel wedding table numbers in just minutes using four 3 x 6 inch strips of vintage wallpaper and secured with hot glue. It's up to you how small or large to make the folds, but larger ones will show off delicate vintage details and designs. To use for backdrops, make paper pinwheels in various sizes with wooden or rhinestone button centers. Hot glue a small piece of cardboard to the back of each one - it will be so much easier to apply double-sided tape and keep them hanging in place against a wall or flat surface. Vintage style wallpaper is abundant on eBay, either by sample size (20 or 27 by twelve inches) or double roll (twenty inches by 33 feet), more than enough to make these charming DIY wedding table numbers.

pinwheel table numbers

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