May 2, 2014

Happily Ever After Cake Topper

A custom made Happily Ever After Cake Topper - it speaks of a day so sacred and so special, one that promises a lifetime of joy and tenderness. Not that every day will be happy, that's impossible. But finding that one person who makes every day seem like Christmas can make your sorrows seem small and surmountable. These wooden wedding cake toppers are made from sturdy and eco-friendly wood made from recycled eucalyptus tree fibers. The lettering is about six inches tall and wide. They are finished with a protective coating to make sure they are food safe, and placed in a beautiful keepsake box. How much will one of these elegant cake toppers cost? All of these shown here sell for $35 plus $9.00 for shipping and handling.

happily ever after cake topper
best day ever cake topper
always & forever cake topper

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