Jul 24, 2014

9 Stunning Milk Glass Wedding Centerpieces

Milk glass vases - you've seen them in every thrift shop, picked them up and admired their English hobnail patterns and graceful Art Deco-like designs. The small, slim bud vases sell for less than a dollar unless - like me - you prefer large flea markets and church rummage sales where lovely items such as these sell for a quarter a piece. Authentic milk glass dates back to Venice in the 16th Century. But you can recreate your own milk glass wedding centerpieces with these five easy steps:
  • Collect any glass vase - clear ones work very well - that have a hobnail, striped or scalloped pattern.
  • Clean the entire surface with soap and water. Use a toothbrush to clean if it has an intricate or cut-glass pattern. Let glass dry completely.
  • In a well-ventilated area, set your vases six inches or more apart on newspaper or old shower curtain.
  • Using a shiny white glass paint such as Krylon, shake the can well and spray vases working from side to side. Spraying too close will cause drips and runs. Don't worry about the inside of the vase. Just spray enough to cover the tops.
  • Rotate the vases until every spot is covered. Wait about 15 minutes and then give them a second coat. You've just made the magic happen by turning a dollar store glass vase into a magnificent milk glass style vase!
milk glass vases 
mkilk glass centerpiece 
milk glass vase with yellow roses 

 milk glass vase with red tulips
vintage style milk glass centerpiece
white milk glass centerpiece with pink flowers
white milk glass centerpieces
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